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Acquisition of Digital Video Systems (DVS)

Corporate Satellite Communications (CSC) is proud to announce as of July 24th 2008 the acquisition of Digital Video Systems (DVS).

DVS is a 32 year old company with expertise in building and installing large scale satellite antenna arrays for the maritime segment. DVS in addition, provides a land based systems integration business that builds smart classrooms and audio / video entertainment facilities for universities and city municipalities. “This is a key step in CSC’s plans, combining CSC’s satellite expertise with DVS makes US one of the strongest infrastructure and engineering companies addressing the global Broadband at Sea requirements. Further our partnership with INTELSAT provides a unique solution for the commercial shipping companies by helping them manage the crew retention challenges”.



CSC has the vision of targeting maritime communication applications by providing broadband at sea services through its own teleport infrastructure, INTELSAT and now has added maritime expertise, with DVS’s precision installations. The company feels there is a large opportunity to target the commercial shipping and private yacht segments. Through this acquisition, CSC is uniquely positioned by controlling all the critical infrastructure skills needed to address today’s needs in the maritime market place. DVS’s has an excellent reputation with the cruise line industry, and is one of the primary installation companies for large Seatel antennas. Over all the company’s range of skills includes installing satellite services, large scale antennas, audio and video broadcast entertainment centers. “We are very excited about our future”.