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CSC of the USA and SIRM of Italy Announce a Historic Relationship

CSC and SIRM’s new relationship provides a complete suite of services and software tools to the evolving maritime market place by combining the strengths of both organizations.

 SIRM’s European presence and value added services are fully complementary to CSC’s US operations and global satellite services. CSC is now extending its presence into the major Italian Seaports located in Genoa, Venice, Trieste, Naples, Palermo, Augusta, and Taranto, while SIRM expands itself into the key US ports in Miami and New York. Therefore, this partnership creates an infrastructure which supports vessels worldwide with value added services that are second to none within the commercial shipping and cruise line segment giving both companies the edge to lead the way in the new maritime communication services arena. CSC and SIRM possess the engineering, programming and system integration skills which combine perfectly with a complete VSAT offering that utilizes both global C band and KU services.  Significant client benefits will be more technicians, faster access to their vessels and a wider range of skill sets.   

CSC, Inc. (“CSC”) is a 40-year infrastructure communications company. Corporate Satellite Communications Florida, Inc. specializes in maritime VSAT and audio-visual system integration services to commercial shipping, yachts and cruise line vessels. In 2008 CSC acquired Digital Video Systems, a maritime installation and SI specialist for the cruise line industry and has merged its capabilities into CSC’s satellite operations creating a powerful new company designed to address a wide range of communications requirements for the maritime market. Presently, CSC manages over 250 vessels at sea and is currently leading the communications industry with a new generation of VSAT services designed to meet the evolving requirements of maritime communications.

 CSC will use the world’s largest fixed satellite services provider, Intelsat, for capacity and its extensive teleport and fiber infrastructure, IntelsatONE, to deliver global maritime communications services to its customers.

 “Intelsat’s global C- and Ku-band capacity provides a true broadband transmissions solution for maintaining communications for vessels and crews across the commercial maritime, oil and gas, cruise and yacht industries,” said Jay Yass, Intelsat’s Vice President, Network Services. “With always-on broadband access, Intelsat offers customers such as CSC a critical mobile communications infrastructure that can deliver constant, high-speed IP access for converged voice, data and Internet applications.”

 Società Italiana Radio Marittima (“SIRM”) is a maritime specialist providing advanced communication solutions. Founded by Guglielmo Marconi in 1927, today SIRM is an affiliate company of the Information Technology Services group, one of the largest technological service organizations across Italy. The IT and programming roots of ITS have uniquely positioned SIRM’s products to revolutionize new communication requirements while at sea. Besides its core business in traditional maritime telecommunications and certified inspection/support, SIRM offers telemetry services, Smart BOX communication enabler and telemedicine services, all requiring real-time internet and network services. SIRM’s engineered products bring turn-key solutions to maritime applications with a focus on both commercial and passenger shipping segments. SIRM with its several hubs and offices in the major seaports across Italy offers prompt service responses to ship owners all around the Mediterranean region.

 Currently CSC and SIRM are taking to market their integrated solutions and are on the verge of many exciting opportunities that will bring further attention to this partnership. Charles Sackermann Jr., CEO and President of CSC says, “The future of communications at sea has just begun. We are proud to have a company with a longstanding reputation, market understanding and the resources to help us expand in Europe. We are honored to bring the SIRM products to market in the U.S. Together we believe we will lead the market in support, services and products.” Pietro Altieri, President and CEO of ITS and SIRM stated, “The combined capabilities and experiences of our companies will allow us to broaden our business perimeter by launching strong new and unique solutions in the maritime communication markets. In this regard, SIRM will be very proud to export worldwide the product designed by Italian engineers and to start this new venue with a company of such relevance in the international market like CSC. ”